Dabor provides great constructive criticism and comes up with plausible ways to fix even the hardest issues.
- misquared Games on Beat Jockey

We used Dabor's services for in-depth gameplay testing and bug finding. He had a great knowledge of gameplay mechanics and showed excellent attention to detail, overall user awareness, and great communication skills. He provided us with key input that helped improve our game to get above the 10k bid mark. I would recommend his quality services over or complementing First Impressions and will definitely go with him for our next game.
-bpointstudios on Pestilence Z

We had been through many paid services to get some quality feedback on our games. None of them were even close to as good as Dabor's. He provides in-depth reviews on all the aspects that a game needs to succeed. Dabor has helped us bring out the max potential of our game.
-mokshalstudios on Rex Run

A playtester is essentially necessary for a high polished game. And one person I can blindly rely on is Dabor who accompanied me on my games regarding even the simplest details. He looks through the whole game looking for loopholes that are generally missed during their intense development phase. Dabor helps a developer a lot by pointing out even the minor mistakes. He additionally gives some really good alternatives to the problems. Working with him was my most pleasant experience .
-Sandyloisa on Chalkboard Alien

Dabor provided me with totally honest and constructive critique. He pinpointed flaws in my game that everyone, including myself had missed. I took onboard Dabor's brutaly honest advice, and now my game is much better for it. -PaulGene on Leila And The Magic Ball

Recently I made a flash game. I keep looking around for ways to improve the game, then Dabor showed up, and VOILA!!! his reviews helped me a lot to see which points on the game that I should improve. And it works! Thanks to him I got pretty decent price for the game. Great Job!!!
-racoongames on Dominion

I used to rely on having random people test my games, and while it sufficed for smaller less complicated games, it didn't exactly work for the fairly comlplex ones. Looking for more detailed and in-depth analysis of my most recent game, I asked for Dabor's help. Dabor provided me with small details that seemed trivial at first, but actually improved polish and useability immensly when i applied them. I'm looking forward to working with Dabor in my future games.
-changko on Zombie Knight