About Me

I am an in-depth playtester and consultant. My skills include proofreading, aesthetic design, general design, bug hunting and balancing. I can provide running commentary using Skype or Google with text as well as voice.


5$ for 10 minutes ($30 an hour) for basic testing, which can be either written down and emailed to you or constantly provided via chat. I'll play the game and find bugs, suggest corrections for menus, wording, difficulty and other aspects of the game that will hook the player early on.

I'm currently cooperating as a designer on multiple projects, and am willing to take on more. Just show me a prototype, document or a game at any other stage and I can brainstorm. I take flat rates, cuts of the final sale or cuts of ad revenue over first month/two months. Contact me for specifics depending on the project in question.

I accept payment via PayPal at boris.bovkun@gmail.com